Educational Scholarship


At VRFA we understand that a good education is vital to a strong foundation in life. One of the biggest concerns for a single mother is ensuring that the child's education is not disrupted after the martyrdom of her husband. Our program is designed to support the children throughout their schooling and graduation.

School Scholarships:

We aid in filing educational reimbursement papers with the Defence, as well as provide a scholarship in the form of a fixed deposit of INR30,000 in each child's name. The interest can be withdrawn every year, and when the child turns 18, they received the entire amount which can be used for further studies.

Masters Scholarship:

The Defence and Central Government supports a child only till they graduate. This is why we have decided to provide scholarships to those children wanting to pursue a Masters’ program. The scholarship amount is based on qualification criteria setup by VRF. Veer Nari wishing to obtain a Masters’ Degree can also apply for this scholarship.

Changing lives


Education as a cornerstone to building sustainable futures. Through these channels of support for veer naris and their children, we have be able to transform many lives.

Here is what our educational scholarship recipients have to say:

“Thank you for providing the Educational Scholarship from Vasantharatna Foundation for Arts. It was very useful for my daughter’s education. We wish the foundation grows and improves in future. We wish Subhashini and the foundation all the best.” LEENA BIDAPPA about the Junior Educational Scholarship.

“I am grateful to the Foundation for helping me complete my LLB course. I am very happy and thankful for the financial assistance.” ARCHANA KRISHNA PATIL about the Masters Educational Scholarship.


Started as a support system for the families of Jawans martyred in the service of the nation, the VRFA works with over a 120 wives and children to bring a renewed sense of belonging, purpose, and independence to their lives.

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